Lacaula is a perfect little paradise. This small, privately-own island in Fiji exists in total seclusion. Villas and Fijian-style dwellings are scattered along the coastline, perched atop the mountains, and dotted across the rainforest. Each residence offers peace, quiet, and a complete sense of luxury. Enjoy the island life and learn about Fijian culture during your stay. Lacaula taps into the island’s natural bounty. There are a number of organic farms and gardens that produce much of the produce served in the resort, in addition to flowers and spices used at the spa. With beautiful white sand beaches and incredible infinity pools allocated privately to each villa, it’s easy to imagine spending a full week lounging here under the sun. Lacaula offers so much more. There are a diverse number of activities to help take full advantage of the island. Golf the stunning 18-hole island course, horseback ride on the beach, go scuba diving in a funky two-person submarine, embark on a fishing expedition on the luxurious Riviera Open Flybridge yacht, or play tennis on private courts. You can even take a jet ski trip to a small island for a private lunch under the sun. There is no lack of options to indulge in on this incredible island.