Celebrate Christmas in Costa Rica and stay at the Pacuare Lodge. This luxury eco-hotel is an adventure from the moment you arrive. There are no roads to Pacuare Lodge so they use the river. All suitcases get packed away into dry bags and everyone piles into a raft – after an hour of rowing and splashing, guests arrive at the lodge. Rafting not your speed? The Pacuare Lodge offers arrival by all-terrain vehicles and by helicopter. It’s the choose-your-own-adventure of arrivals! At the lodge, accommodations are extra spacious and ultra-private. From the Garden Suites that look out across the dense, lush rainforest to the Canopy Suite, an entire apartment perched in the treetops; each room offers a unique view of the surrounding elements.  Despite being tucked away in such a remote location,  guests never have the chance to get bored. Ziplining, canyoning, hiking, birdwatching – these are just a few of the activities offered. Hike through the jungle to discover hidden waterfalls and visit the resident sloths who have also made the Pacuare Lodge their home. After a long day of hiking, unwind at the Jawa Juü Spa with a massage. Dining at the Lodge only adds to the experience. Following the farm-to-table trend, Pacuare Lodge serves organic and locally grown produce, focusing on the brightly flavored local fruits and vegetables. In addition, they have worked with local farmers to encourage organic farming methods in the community. Not only that – they produce their own goat cheese! Pacuare Lodge takes full advantage of its surroundings – from local food and an exquisite spa, to unique accommodations and bold activities; this special destination offers the perfect blend of luxury and adventure.