Who hasn’t dreamed of pursing adventure on the Amazon River? Fly to Peru and explore all that the Amazon has to offer from aboard the Delfin luxury cruise. The Delfin fleet presents a rich and varied experience of Amazonia – complete with all the comforts of a five-star hotel. The accommodations aboard these ships are nothing short of luxurious. King-size beds lavished with fine Peruvian linens, floor to ceiling windows looking out over the river, private plunge pools on the deck – this is unlike any other cruise in the world. The Delfin offers three different ships, each taking a slightly different course through the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. In this land of ecological splendor, the Delfin crew has arranged hours of activity. Wake up early for a guided bird-watching tour and then spend the afternoon paddle-boarding near a school of Amazon river dolphins; or go for a trek through the jungle and then learn for to fish for piranha in the evening… There’s no lack of adventure to be had. This is the first cruise to ever become a Relais & Chateax property so, of course, the Delfin has a fantastic restaurant aboard each ship. Equipped with locally crafted furniture and decorated with colorful art made by native people, the dining room offers a lively and welcoming atmosphere for guests during each meal. Drawing from local ingredients, the menu embarks on a culinary adventure inspired by Peruvian cuisine. Aiming enrich the dining experience, serving staff present the raw ingredients prior to each course in order to help understand the flavors of each dish. Embrace the Amazon with the Delfin Cruise – the adventure, the food, the people, and the luxury!