During a visit to Scotland, be sure to stop by a whisky distillery to learn about the spirit’s story that is deeply rooted in the country’s rich culture and history. The term “scotch” indicates that the whisky has been made in Scotland and has been aged for at least three years, while many brands are aged longer. There are 47 distilleries located in the Highlands and Islands and over 100 distilleries in Scotland. The Malt Whisky Trail is comprised of the largest concentration of malt whisky distilleries and located in northeastern Scotland.

Meet the masters, discover distilleries and taste the product of perfecting whisky for over 250 years. Experience the heart of Scottish Whisky and work your way down the Malt Whisky Trail, a collection of historic distilleries and famous whisky brands. Along the trail, there are nine whisky locations along the beautiful Moray Speyside with classic Scottish Highlands views. Each location on the trail offers whisky tastings and tours so you can become acquainted with the masters and learn about Scotland’s national drink.

One stop along the way is the oldest whisky distillery in Scotland - the Glenturret Distillery. Established in 1775 by John and Hugh Drummond, this distillery is still set in the past by using traditional whisky-making methods such as “mashing by hand” and “cutting by eye.” Something that will catch your eye are the massive traditional pot stills used in the distillation process and made of hand beaten copper. While there, embark on The Famous Grouse Experience unique to the Glenturret Distillery which blends one of Scotland’s most celebrated whiskies, The Famous Grouse, and the one-and-only Glenturret whisky.

 The Scottish Highlands is Scotland’s largest whisky producing region and produces many different styles of whisky. The centuries of experience dedicated to each scotch is apparent in every glass poured.