The Eastern & Oriental Express offers the best of the old and new worlds. This luxurious train journey crosses Southeast Asia, stopping in destinations like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok. Aboard the Eastern & Oriental Express, passengers will find train cars that invoke a classic jazz-age ambience. Decorated with Thai silks, Malaysian embroidery, and hand-tufted carpets, these sumptuous accommodations allow travelers to see the world framed in glamour. Spend the day exploring small towns in western Thailand and working plantations in Malaysia, and spend the evenings feasting on exciting local dishes designed and prepared by internationally renowned chefs. Don’t miss the bar car! Their signature cocktails are inspired be the lush jungle and intriguing cities passed along the way. Keep in mind, the Eastern & Oriental Express offers relatively short excursions. Most are only two nights long. They turn an ordinary transfer into an experience fit to please every one of your senses.